Welcome to The Birthing Sanctuary, a sacred birth and educational center in Goa India. We are a global community of passionate people, merging our visions and inspirations, to provide you with a gentle, holistic, sacred, and safe birthing experience.

Our birth space has been created for pregnant women, and family members, to prepare themselves, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, to receive their baby in love.

The goal of our Birthing Sanctuary and Birthing center in Goa, India is to return birth to the family by empowering them through pregnancy education classes, parenting courses, and midwifery and doula support.
We are offering a variety of resources to support you and your family, during the childbearing years, with our core intentions being:

  • To give birth back to the family
  • To respect and protect the sacred, sexual, physiological, and   instinctive qualities of birth
  • To provide a safe, alternative, and sacred space for the birthing Mother
  • To create a birthing community
  • To heal the earth through healing our own birth
  • To provide experienced, holistic, loving, non-invasive spiritual midwifery support

Furthermore, The Birth Sanctuary is offering the following holistic childbirth services:

  • Alternative health programs and practitioners to assist in your personal healing journey
  • Holistic Postpartum Care and Courses
  • Holistic Doula Courses
  • Yoga & Sacred Dance Temple
  • Ceremonies to honor Feminine Rites of Passages (the sacred feminine)
  • Programs and Classes dedicated to honor the fathers (the sacred masculine)
  • Community Building Retreats & Opportunities
  • A Sacred Midwifery College-An educational center for aspiring midwives with on-site apprenticeship opportunities